Our Finnie from Whis-Purr Rescue on Vimeo.

It’s never easy to lose a loved one and as an animal lover, over the years we say goodbye to many of our 4-legged family members.

Saying “goodbye” to Finnian is TOUGH.  He was a young kitty, just a few days away from his 4th birthday. Finnian was a very courageaous little man with a strong will to live.  He did not let much get him down, a real fighter.  He had so much love to give and he was loved by many!  Finnian and his sister Raven went thru a lot together.  They were turned into the rescue when they were two years old, abandoned by the only family they had known.  They were scared and confused and their transition was rough. So their journey had begun in looking for a new home.   Sadly, just as they had begun to adjust and enjoy their time with us, Finnian became ill with an auto-immune disease.  Finnian had his ups and downs and during this time a very special person came into their lives, answering the call to care for these two precious souls, their new kitty mommy, Nancy took them into her home and made it their own.  This is what she says as Finnian and Raven now become her and her husband Ted’s new family…

Well, you’ve given me back a family of my own. I love F&R so much even from the first day. And…not only did I gain two lovely little beings in my home but also a friend in you. I could not have made this last 4+ months without your guidance, wisdom and love for what you do. I admire the fact that you help so many animals as I have often wanted to do so but felt I would want to “save” every last one of them…so, thank God for people like you! :-)

Finnian definitely has a road ahead of him and it comforts me to know I can still call you with help. His pemphigus is back and I pray that I will do the best course of action. He just jumped up on the desk with me and he says “meow! And love to you”. He is an old soul that’s for sure. He does pick up on my worrying so I know he will keep me in check as that is part of my work.

Raven is such a big love, however, I think she tries to hide it and says “I don’t need anybody…I am independent” . Then the next thing I know I turn around and she is giving me her sitting stare as to say “what you think?... you are going to pass me by without handling me and loving me? I am too beautiful for you to ignore.” And my, she is. What a beauty and love bug she has turned out to be. I love her little high “chirps” as she is talking to me more and more. Do you remember Finnian talking? Well, now he doesn’t hold a candle to her in the talking department. Funny, how these beings change….and keep changing!

So, thank you again for my little gifts. They are very precious and I will continue to care for them – I just need to remember to take care of Ted as well! :-)

A special “Thank You” to Nancy for loving and caring for Finnian for the last 15 months.   Your love and care for him kept him going.  It kept him hopeful and happy.  You gave him a chance to live.  He was so blessed to have you and to call you his family.

A special “Thank You” also to Ted for hanging in by Nancy’s side, supporting her and loving Finn .  Finn loved you too, you know?  ;-)

Additional "Thank Yous" to

Dr. Janice Cain
Janelle Guinn
Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center Technicians
Dr. Diane Roberts
Dr. Petra Drake

and all the many people who loved and were a part of Finnian's life.

I realize that each and every person in the world has a story and in that story, there can be pain and sorrow but there is also joy and happiness and things to be grateful for and things to look forward to.  The story of Finnian is one of joy and gratefulness.  Joy that we had him in our lives for even the short time that we did and gratefulness for the precious soul that he was and all the lives that he touched.  He truly had a gift that we will remember until the day that we meet him again at the “Rainbow Bridge”. 

Let’s celebrate Finnian’s life together

Finnian – A Remembrance  (Feb 24, 2009 to Feb 19, 2013) 

Finnian, what’s in the name?
a good Irish name meaning “fair one”
We call him "Our Finnie" !

He’s a charismatic ladie’s man,
easy going, confident and capable.
And he might enjoy the game
turning his luck around to be favorable.

Finnian, a smart little man
knows how to get that attention
and the love and handling we mention.
Quite a character.
You can see his wheels turning
as he looks into your eyes with a yearning
to know...
“Hey isn’t it about time for some lovin?”

Finnian, was loved by all.
How could that not be so?
You could just look at him and know...
he was special.
And Finnian cared for his sis.
I’m sure that will truly be missed.
As much as we all miss him now
his life has touched ours for this day and forever.
Finnian we love you moreover.


NOTE:  To read a little bit more about Finnian's journey, please go to
Communication Enhances Medical Care: Treating Finnian, by Janice Cain, DVM, DACVIM