Because of an unfortunate theft of Olaf, one of our baby kittens, stolen from his mama and siblings out of his cage, right here at Whis-Purr,
Whis-Purr Rescue now is open by appointment ONLY!

We are all very excited here at Whis-Purr Rescue to share our kittens with you as well as many of our adult cats. Some of our adults we have been working with through Jackson Galaxy's Cat Pawsitive Program, training behaviors to help them to become less shy and more trusting of our visitors. They do love to play and especially enjoy treats.

Please contact us, either through email at or leave a message for us at (877) 307-2747.  We hear our messages everyday and will call you back for scheduling.

  • Current Portfolio of our available adult cats.  Won't you meet them now!
  • Current Portfolio of our available kittens.  Please meet them now!
  • Please join us on FACEBOOK to check in with Whis-Purr Rescue and what our kitties are up to.  
  • View our adoptable cats and kittens on our Whis-Purr Rescue Kitty Cams.  (unavailable right now but we are hoping to have it working soon!)
    Live feed directly to the cages and rooms where some of our special friends are living now!  
    Please note:  We are working on the cams and hope to have them more consistent soon!