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Dear Friends,

Your support today can help save lives!  Every year THOUSANDS of cats and kittens overwhelm shelters throughout Northern California.  Without help from non-profit organizations like Whis-Purr Rescue Inc. and dozens of other cat rescue groups around the Bay Area their precious lives would be lost.  It takes collaboration amongst rescue groups to save so many lives and now YOU can help make a difference!

The biggest challenge facing rescue groups is the lack of low-cost spay/neuter services.  The majority of rescued cats are not fixed as many are nursing moms with babies and even more are orphaned kittens.
  • Rescues compete for surgery appointments as they each try to find and pay for surgeries for hundreds of cats and kittens.
  • The scarcity of appointments causes backlogs in the adoption process.
  • Fewer cats and kittens can be rescued when the surgery/adoptions are delayed for weeks to months.
A Spay/Neuter van on location at Whis-Purr Rescue (purchase price $175,000).
  • This van will provide high-quality, high-volume low-cost spay/neuter services to rescue groups to help maximize timely adoptions.
  • A coalition of rescue groups working together scheduling regular monthly appointments and sharing resources to ensure rescued cats and kittens can be spayed and neutered promptly.
  • This opens up desperately needed space for rescue to continue pulling cats and kittens at risk for euthanasia.


Your donation of $100 or more will help us purchase the van.
  • This van will support rescue groups throughout the Bay Area and most importantly, SAVE THOUSANDS OF LIVES!  Consider corporate matching in your workplace!
  • We need your  help to make this project a success. 
  • Together we can reach our goal. Please share this email with friends, family, coworkers and fellow cat lovers.Select PDF to Print & Share
More Cats and kittens fixed = MORE LIVES SAVED!

Our funding deadline is December 1, 2021 so please make your donation TODAY!

Click Here to DONATE Now!

Thank you for your support!

Dr. Monica Rudiger, DVM
Volunteer Veterinary Medical Advisor
Whis-Purr Rescue Inc.

Donation Disclosure:  All donations to Whis-Purr Rescue Inc. are tax deductible and are held for and solely used for Whis-Purr Rescue Inc. for the purpose of supporting our mission and care for the cats and kittens within our organization. EIN# 46-3272495